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Staffing Solutions by iJbridge Incorporation
 Connecting Talent, Driving Success

iJbridge Incorporation caters to all staffing needs across Asia and Europe, specializing in bridging Japan and India. We provide staffing solutions for Technical, IT, Bilingual Project Management, and Executive roles at all levels, ensuring that businesses find the right talent for success.

We believe that recruiting the right person is crucial for organizational success, as businesses thrive on people, not just strategies. Our platform, iJwork, consolidates all recruitment sources, offering employers access to top candidates and candidates direct access to employer information. iJwork boasts one of the largest databases of bilingual human resources.

For Candidate

Why Choose IJbridge?

  • Diverse job opportunities in various industries.

  • Career development resources and support.

  • Personalized job matching & resume building.

  • Temporary and contract positions for flexibility.

  • Permanent positions aligned with career goals.

  • Remote job options for better work-life balance.

What We Offer:

  • Domain expertise across industries.

  • Strong bilingual and monolingual HR data-bank

  • VISA and all immigration support with strong back office support

  • Pre-dispatch technical training if required

  • We can offer proposals with less stress and less man-hours for both recruiting companies and job seekers by making point-to-point pinpoint proposals!

For Customer

Why Partner with IJbridge?

  • Comprehensive staffing solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Access to a large pool of qualified candidates.

  • Efficient recruitment process for quick hiring.

  • Flexible workforce for temporary and contract needs.

  • We offer, skill training, Language Training as per customer need, in advance of hiring.

  • Cost-effective remote staffing options.

  • Licence Detaills:

  • contract staffing, (License Number: 派遣番号 派23-302215)

  • Permanent Staffing ( License Number:有料職業紹介 23-ユ-301366) 

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